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I am such a fan of your products and have really turned into a Bella Notte addict. The different products and fabrics offer so many combinations, and I love that everything is washable, but still has a vintage look and feel.
-Susan H.


The Bella Notte Outlet online is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! It is the first web site I visit each day – either to visit a product I am pining for, or to scout something new. I have gotten QUITE a few things that I would otherwise not be able to squeeze into the budget. I have also passed on a few things that I could kick myself for.

The site is well constructed. You can search by product, color, fabric, etc. The product photos and descriptions are spot on. Everything I have purchased from the outlet is every bit as lovely as the things I have to wait 8 weeks for.

Honestly, if you love Bella Notte, then the outlet is the BEST way to treat yourself without breaking the bank or waiting 8 weeks.

I was so happy to find the Belle Notte Outlet online! I love how easy it is to shop for whatever you are looking for—be it by color or item description. I have checked back often to add pieces to my collection. I'm so happy with the products I've purchased already and can't wait to crawl into my lovely comfy bed each night!
-Susie A.
What can you say about "beauty"? Bella Notte. What can you say about the "feel" of a fabulous fabric on your skin? Bella Notte. And what can you say about looking forward to "getting into your bed" every night? Bella Notte. The look, the feel, and the pleasure of Bella Notte is pure luxury.
-Vickie G.
I discovered the Bella Notte Outlet after I purchased one of their lovely Garbo bathrobes out of state and was looking for other items from the same company. I have subsequently purchased sheets, duvet covers, pillow shams and linen towels from the outlet. The fabric is not only lovely but every item is great quality, generous in size and easy to clean and hang dry. I’d recommend the outlet for gifts or to upgrade your linens. There’s nothing better than sleeping on quality sheets and bed linens.
-Jane M.
Bella Notte beds are always my favorite in magazines, on blogs, and in my own home. I was so excited to find that an outlet existed! My husband, daughters and I planned a trip to the Bay Area, and the outlet was on my list of places to visit.

It was so much more than I could have dreamed. I did not quite know where to begin. It was so much fun and I found so many beautiful things. We completely redid my daughter's bed in lovely white linen and I found a few things for myself as well.

I love Bella Notte and the outlet is awesome! I would definitely make the trip again!
-Stacie C.
I have been a huge fan of Bella Notte for years. In 2012, my family was uprooted to Connecticut from Dallas and I thought that some luxury bedding would help me sleep a little easier and help make our bedroom the oasis I always wanted it to be. This is when I discovered the Bella Notte Linen duvet cover. I fell in love immediately. We spent one year in Connecticut, and during that time, I added piece by piece to my collection. This bedding ensemble was the most comforting thing in our lives as we were living through Hurricane Sandy. I came to the outlet in search of my ever-expanding collection and return often in search of the perfect items. I love the selection, the prices and the comfort of knowing I can find what I am searching for with the click of a mouse.
-Erin S.
Bella Notte sells the most beautiful bedding I have ever seen. When I look at it and touch it I want to eat it!
-Colleen H.
How did I find Bella Notte Outlet online? Well, it has been an adventure in pursuit of my dream bed and just as in a fairytale, I ended up with the most beautiful bedding I could have imagined! About a year ago I decided to go for it … and began searching online for the finest quality, most comfortable, and striking bedding available. Each piece ended up being Bella Notte. While the main pieces I purchased at full price, I was thrilled to find the Bella Notte Outlet to supplement and change the look from time to time. I purchased a second pair of sheets to have as a spare. Bella Notte at a discount, what a score! Each piece adds pure luxury. I truly feel like a princess. The next time I look for bedding, the first place I will go is BNO!
-Lizanne F.
The times I have shopped at Bella Notte Outlet, the excellent help provided by the staff and owner in helping me match linens has been much appreciated. The products are beautiful.

In addition to beautiful bedding, I have found delicate gorgeous satin lingerie for friends, family and myself there.

During the bi-annual warehouse sale, it is fun to stop in even if just window shopping.

The 1st time I walked in to the warehouse I thought I died and went to bed clothing heaven, I had never seen the luxury and quality bedding like Bella Notte ever, I was in luxury overload! The colors and feeling of the fabrics, the textures. The way the colors and fabric seamlessly flowed together. I had never seen so much beauty for a bed ever.

The month was November—the warehouse four day sale in Bel Marin Keys. I spent the next 12 months dreaming and saving and planning what and how I was going to buy for my bed. I repainted my bedroom, bought new furniture and was so excited to come to the sale in November the next year! I got a pink coverlet, 2 euro shams in another pattern, 2 standard shams in a floral pattern and 1 purple velvet and silk king sham. I was so excited driving home. I had the biggest grin and I felt giddy. When I got home and made the bed and took pictures from every angle I posted them to Facebook and Pinned them and e-mail them.

That was 3 years ago, now I have 2 complete different (sets of) bedding ---one for summer and spring and the other for fall and winter. I come to the warehouse just to look and dream. I love seeing and touching the new fabrics and colors. Your catalogs are on my coffee table. They are so beautiful. Bella Notte is one of the best decorating finds in my life. When people come in my room they always say “wow how beautiful your bed looks” and I hand them a card for Bella Notte Linens.

-Debra D.
I was told of the amazing Bella Notte Outlet by my friend who lives in Marin County, CA. She said: "It's like Disneyland for adults who love great linens." Now it's available online.
My favorite guilty pleasure.
-Tammy D.

Dear Bella,

You are the love of my life! When I first slept with you years ago, it was love at first touch, and we have been lovers ever since. Until recently, Bella, I thought you and I could only have a long distance relationship. Much to my surprise, I found out you have an Outlet website. Now we have a very close internet relationship, and with daily access to your pictures, I feel so close to you now!

But seriously, I recently booked a flight to San Francisco because I deserved an upgrade. To my wonderful surprise, the outlet shipped to my address. Now I have new custom bedding, and I never want to get out of the Bella Notte cloud. My Pacific silk velvet coverlet is perfect, but of course I am not satisfied. I want one in every color. Can you please help me? I am completely addicted to you, but alas, my money has vanished in a swirl of velvet and silk.

Your company is fabulous, and I recommend it to all of my friends. The Bella Notte Outlet is the best linen store I have ever visited, and the website is so user friendly, I caught my 5th grader trying to order a set because she wanted her very own. Jenny is a phenomenal sales associate and she has helped me immensely with her professionalism and speed of delivery. Thanks to your company, I hope to outfit my whole house in your angel soft fabrics.
I’ll love you always Bella!

-Amy D.
What's not to love about Bella Notte?! It's the most luxurious fabric with gorgeous designs! I'm so thankful Bella Notte Outlet is in our hometown!
-Kathleen B.
I can't remember how I found Bella Notte - I think I knew the owner from her days as a parent at the middle school in Mill Valley? I've had a lovely pillow from the linen damask collection on my bed for almost 20 YEARS!!! Had a duvet to match but the cat got to it. Oh how I would love more Bella Notte beauties...
-Jane W.

I was first introduced to Bella Notte products at a small boutique in Pennsylvania. I purchased a Deluxe Marie sheet set and fell in love with the product! I had never purchased luxury bedding before and was hooked with Bella Notte!

Low and behold, I began to Google Bella Notte and discovered that an outlet existed in California! My husband's children moved to San Francisco and so on our next trip there, I was determined to find the outlet in Novato! My sweet husband ventured with me and we were in luck! I purchased another Deluxe Marie king fitted sheet and some pillow cases! The next visit to San Francisco, the outlet was closed; they were in the process of moving to the new location.

Now imagine how thrilled I am to order online! The staff is so kind via the phone and very patient! I have not yet been to the new Outlet, but you can be sure I will be there on our next visit!

There is nothing that comes close to Bella Notte! Worth every penny and more!


-Bonnie S.

I fell in love with Bella Notte Bedding about 3 years ago when my daughter decided she would like to change the color of her room. I fell in love with the soft luxurious fabric. I wanted to purchase bedding that would represent her maturity as well as personality. Bella Notte Bedding represents fabulous texture, soft colors that work so well together. The Bella Notte Team helped me mix colors and fabrics which created the look and feel that I wanted. The quality of the Bella Notte fabric is so easy to care for which lead me wanting to change all of our bedding.

Thank you for such beautiful bedding.

-Andrea T.
Absolutely love their products! Quality and beauty all in one. Customer service is fabulous and they have helped me on many occasions to bring together a fabulous room.
-Nancy W.

I am still purchasing pieces of my dream bedding in Petal and Pacific colors. I am an avid internet searcher and do a fair amount of research for my purchases. I have looked at literally every company that produces luxury bedding and found that Bella Notte's fabrics and designs are far superior to anything on the market.

I believe the bedroom is a magical place for rest, comfort and reflection. Beautiful bedding is key to make that happen. I am in love and a little obsessed with this bedding, I have to admit.

In closing, I just want to say, I am so very proud as an American that my dream bedding is "American made"!

-Shelly M.

The Bella Notte Outlet online is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! It is the first web site I visit each day – either to visit a product I am pining for, or to scout something new. I have gotten QUITE a few things that I would otherwise not be able to squeeze into the budget. I have also passed on a few things that I could kick myself for.

The site is well constructed. You can search by product, color, fabric, etc. The product photos and descriptions are spot on. Everything I have purchased from the outlet is every bit as lovely as the things I have to wait 8 weeks for.

Honestly, if you love Bella Notte, then the outlet is the BEST way to treat yourself without breaking the bank or waiting 8 weeks.

-Shawna M.
We continue to get many compliments on our guestroom bedding by Bella Notte! I love the quality of their products and the variety is amazing!
-Wendy C.
Already a Bella Notte fan, I stumbled on this outlet site during an online search and recently ordered for the first time from the outlet. I wasn’t sure what to expect with respect to quality but I was pleasantly surprised. My new pillows arrived quickly and fabrics were even more beautiful than I expected. Sewing and workmanship were consistent with the Bella Notte brand I already knew and loved. Within a few weeks, I placed another order for holiday gifts!
-Karen T.

I don’t remember exactly how I discovered the Bella Notte Outlet store. I do know that I have been buying Belle Notte linens from brick and mortar stores for years ever since I visited a bed and breakfast that had lovely Bella Notte linens. The linens are luxurious, well-made, and a pleasure to own.

When I discovered the ability to buy items online through the Bella Notte Outlet, I was thrilled! The webpage provides great ideas for color and texture combinations, and the seasonal promotions and sales offer great opportunities to purchase these luxury linens at great prices.

Online purchase confirmation is always prompt, packaging is always careful and thoughtful, and shipping is always expeditious! The personal interaction (via virtual communication) that I have had with Bella Notte Outlet staff has been wonderful. I have always felt that my requests for information regarding product colors, fabric styles, dye lot matches, etc. have always been handled quickly and in a courteous and professional manner.

I am always delighted with my Bella Notte Outlet purchases and will continue to be a loyal customer!

-Holly D.
I was the beneficiary of a GREAT personal shopper at Bella Notte Outlet. Not only have I always gotten super advice and help from the staff, but one day during a sale I ran into TRISH from the popular interiors blog TROUVAIS! She was clutching a beautiful white linen whisper duvet cover to her chest, which I coveted (it was the last one, I was crushed!)… Next thing I know she approached me and said she had noticed my admiration of the duvet cover and since she has closets full of Bella Notte, she would pass this one on to me. It was fabulous. Not only are you surrounded by the most beautiful linens, but you meet great interesting people there too!
-Kathy O.

Where do I begin?

Many years ago my husband and I were strolling up a side street where we came upon a linen store. I stopped, and my mouth dropped opened as I read the sign, linen sheets!

Who knew there was such a thing? I certainly didn’t! Unfortunately I couldn’t afford the sheets, but I never forgot about them. Several years later I saw an ad for your outlet store in Marin. My grandmother had just passed and left me a little bit of money with instructions to get myself something special. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to purchase something special and rare, like she was. I wanted linen sheets.

I went to the outlet and spent $400.00. I bought mismatched linen sheets for my king size bed, some velvet pillow shams, and several other small linen items. I was in heaven!

You have a rare and beautiful product that became an heirloom the moment it entered my home.
I truly enjoy just looking at the email photo’s you send.

Sharon S.

I love my Bella Notte....5 beds covered with it from stores in Seattle, Austin, and Houston. Upon searching the Internet to find where it was made, I found out about the Outlet Store. And much to my delight, I talked my husband into taking a 100 mile detour this summer on a road trip from Seattle to Austin, just so I could visit the Outlet Store. Well worth the detour. I left with pillowcases, twin sheets, and twin set of coverlets. What a delightful Outlet with great customer service.

I love my Bella Notte!

-Linda C.


One of my passions is designing interiors. I have a deep love of fabrics and textiles. Naturally, I have always loved the beauty, comfort, warmth and quality of Bella Notte Linens. The colorful hues of vintage velvet, embroidered satin, sheer linen, rustic corduroy, quilted satin, and exquisite lace, all combine to create unique designs . . . providing opportunities to express myself, my whimsies and fancies. My rooms are always fun . . . and I have used Bella Notte Linens in all the rooms of my home, including my granddaughter's Victorian dollhouse.

My first purchase of Bella Notte Linens required a 4 hour round trip to purchase yardage for my living room drapes. Next my husband made an online purchase of a personal comforter and 5 throw pillows for my shabby chaise. After that I found a darling little shop closer to home. However, my absolute favorite place to shop is the Novato outlet! I can find great buys and discontinued items there. The location and the hours of the outlet are not convenient for me. When the online outlet opened I immediately placed it on my favorites list, my preferred source for interior decorating.

All of the Bella Notte fabrics combine beautifully with other fabrics and multiple styles. The abundant choices of Bella Notte Linens work beautifully with cottage, shabby chic, coastal, and eclectic interiors. They are also well suited for English country, French, Mediterranean, contemporary, and traditional designs. The colors and fabrics are visually pleasing, and tactilely "snuggle-worthy". . . created with enduring quality and timeless designs. My exquisitely cozy bed is not complete without these sumptuous linens.

-Christy F.

I love all things BELLA NOTTE! I searched and searched for the best prices and found it here at the Bella Notte outlet store.

So far, I have purchased two grocery bags (beautiful) a small pillow and the wonderful soap to wash all things Bella Notte. I would love more of the Olivia items. I am hooked on them.
Am looking forward to seeing what you have in the future.

-Patty M.
I found the Bella Notte outlet by accident. I was searching online for bed linens. I LOVE the products that are in my house now. Naturally I looked up their website and found the outlet. Yeah!!! What a fantastic find. I keep trying to decide which items to order. There are so many different specials that are offered continually. Too many choices. Products I love. A great price. Priceless!!! Thank you!
-Myrna Z

As a Colorado resident, a few years back my sister and I took a road trip up to Evergreen to take advantage of some post-Christmas ornament sales. To my surprise, the shop was a retailer for Bella Notte bedding and had model bedrooms made up. I fell in love with Bella Notte at first sight and although I didn't purchase anything that day, I did make it a point to get out to Novato, CA in the next few months to their warehouse.

Those few months later, I convinced my aunt (a resident in Benicia) to take me to Bella Notte and we were like kids in a candy shop that Saturday afternoon - mesmerized by all the beautiful dye hues and fine bedding and linens. I left with a beautiful burgundy velvet blanket for my bedroom, and many different styles and hues of purple shams, pillow cases, etc. for my two guest bedrooms and living room.

I can officially say that all 3 rooms plus living room have a BN item or more and I constantly show them off when guests come over and ask where I got my bedding. I thought's probably a good thing I don't live in CA or else I would be buying Bella Notte all the time! However, now I have their online shop to tempt me. Love your products and cannot wait to see what else you all come out with!

-Jess B.

So, I discovered Bella Notte at a friend's newly renovated house, which was done so beautifully, of course all beds with Bella Notte bedding, and I was in love. I had seen this type of luxurious bedding before, but never wanted to pay the prices I was seeing in the stores. I decided to look online and see if there was an outlet where I might be able to score some of this stunning stuff at a lower cost, and low and behold, there is! I was so pleased to see this.

We are going to build a new house the beginning of next year and I am sure I will be keeping an eye out for some bedding from Bella Notte to include in my new décor (from the outlet, of course) as well as some of the other items I've discovered online, such as table linens. Everything is so lovely!

-Cassandra N.

I was told about the Bella Notte outlet by a fellow eBay-er who is also addicted to Bella Notte. There are a group of us middle-aged women, who are addicted to fine linens, especially Bella Notte, Kumi Kookoon and Rachel Ashwell Couture (with a little bit of vintage Laura Ashley). Over the years, we have found each other on eBay, and become email friends. We pass along tips regarding sales, and store inventories on various Bella Notte overstock or sale items. We know each other's favorite colors and fabrics and help each other find items for our collections.

What I like about collecting fine linens and loungewear is that it is practical as well as fun. Unlike my stamp collections, for example, I can actually use my linens every day. I am not afraid to actually use my bedding-they don't sit around in my linen closet! I change my bed two or three times a week, and like to have coordinating lounge wear and tea sets.

When I am not in court, I work at home, sitting on my bed and working on my laptop. I am a civil rights lawyers, and most of my cases are full of tragic and disturbing facts. I need a place of complete peace and tranquility, so I can recharge and rejuvenate before having to deal with the next situation.

The lush silk velvets, mixed and matched with Olivia, sateen sheets and older vintage Laura Ashley and Rachel Ashwell offer the perfect combination of elegance, beauty and practicality and create the perfect place to relax and have a cup of tea. I have always loved Petal (and mourned the discontinuance of Blush). They mix and match so well with the old Aqua, Seaglass, White, Champagne and some of the redder colors.

-Allison R.

Bella Notte how do I love thee? The ways are uncountable! I discovered the online outlet by first going to the outlet in California one day while visiting. We (my daughter and I, a fellow Bella Notte devotee) had a trip planned for months for a graduation and were so excited because we wanted to visit the Outlet. Unfortunately it was closed that day but we were so determined to at least peek in the windows and when we did, it was amazing!

A woman was there, having just assisted with a photo shoot, and she was so incredibly kind and let us in!!! We browsed to our hearts' content and then she told us about the online outlet coming soon. Naturally I go to it anytime I feel my budget needs to buy me something comforting. And comforting Bella Notte is. Of all the linen bedding out there, I feel that Bella Notte is the very best. I am currently waiting for a pair of autumn pillows that I ordered last week for an incredible price.


-Deborah S.

I have been coming to the outlet store since 2006. That was the year my first grandchild was born. We found the perfect crib and wanted to make her little room soft and feminine. I went online and ordered the Melissa bumper set from a vendor back east and when it came, the invoice listed the Bella Notte address in Novato. I called the number listed and that lead me to the outlet store. I drove over the next weekend and found the most beautiful baby blanket to go with her crib.

The next thing I knew, I had outfitted 2 bedrooms in my house with linens from the outlet store. My bed is totally white linen from sheets to duvet to pillows all from the Outlet store! I love coming to the Bella Notte Outlet because it’s always a surprise as to what you will find. I absolutely love Bella Notte and I tell all my friends about the outlet store.

-Linda A.