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Linen bedding has always been a staple in our brand of high end luxury bedclothes. In 1997, we changed the landscape of the bedding industry by introducing garment dyed bed linens and couture bedding to the world. Our intimate and unique production process require each piece of linen to meet our rigorous quality control standards before being released. Quite simply, we will not put the Bella Notte Linens tag on anything that doesn’t meet our grading criteria. While shopping for bed and table linens at the Bella Notte Outlet, you can be assured that only the finest linen will arrive at your door.

Bella Notte linens are all wide cut so there are no invasive seams in any of our bed linens. Each piece of linen is dyed with low-impact materials from one of the many shades in Bella Notte’s refined palette of colors. Bella Notte’s signature linen is soft from the time you receive it as a result of our dye process which utilizes a hot dye cycle that helps relax the short fibers. Our linen will continue to get softer over time with each and every wash. We recommend washing your linen sheets and other linen bedding on a gentle cycle and with cold water. We test all of our products with Laundress detergent, as it is the best product to use on your Bella. 

At Bella Notte, we have a passion for linen and it’s our mission to bring only the highest quality table linens and linen bedding to our customers that will adorn their homes for years to come.