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The Bella Notte Outlet sells a number of bedding accessories to accompany your Bella Notte Linens.

We recommend using Laundress Detergents for washing your Bella Notte Linens due to their gentle non-toxic formula. The Laundress is an eco-friendly brand that uses all natural ingredients which will help maintain the quality of your luxury bedding for years to come.

The Bella Notte Outlet sells three types of detergents made by The Laundress. The Signature detergent is perfect for linens and cottons. We recommend not using the Signature detergent for delicates like synthetic fabrics and silk. For those delicate fabrics, we recommend using The Delicate Wash detergent from The Laundress. For baby bedding, we suggest using The Laundress Baby Detergent which possesses stain-fighting enzymes and a color guard making it effective enough to deal with challenging stains yet delicate enough for your little ones. For stains we recommend the Laundress Stain Solution.

To keep your Bella Notte dust ruffles in place, we recommend using Stay Tidy’s bed skirt pins, which are a safe variation from typical T-Pins that tend to fall out and pose a hazard. These 2-pronged bedskirt pins fasten to the side of your mattress to keep the dust ruffle anchored safely in place.

Bella Notte bedding features button closures made with all natural akoya shells, each with its own unique curvature and impression. The Bella Notte Outlet sells 6-packs of these akoya shell buttons which are great for crafting projects or to replace a missing button from one of your Bella Notte Linens.