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 Luxury duvet covers available at the Bella Notte Outlet feature a variety of distinctive designs, textures and hues to choose from. From jacquard patterns and print designs to solid linen bedding, there is definitely something for everyone at our outlet. 

Duvets originated from the French word “down” which is what many duvets are stuffed with; but duvet fills can actually be composed of a variety of materials including feather, wool, cotton or a blend. A duvet cover is sheathed over the insert not only to protect it but also to add some personality to this luxury bed cover.

At Bella Notte, our luxury bedding is made with premium grade fabric of only the highest quality. Each of our unique duvet covers feature a button closure made with all natural, slightly-curved akoya shells, each slightly different from one another. The button closure is conveniently located along the bottom of the bed cover where it is sequestered from view.

From king size linen duvet covers to twin size bamboo cotton duvet covers, the Bella Notte Outlet has a diverse selection of bedding for you to choose from. We are updating our inventory daily so if there is something specific that you are looking for, fill out our contact us form and give us some details of what type of duvet cover you’re looking for.  We'll do our best to help!