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Luxury Baby Bedding

 The Bella Notte Outlet has a beautiful selection of Luxury Baby Bedding fabricated with premium textiles that will help make your newborn’s homecoming extraordinary. 

Our assortment of baby blankets includes a variety of styles, textures and shades suitable for either a boy or girl nursery. One option is the delightful Gwen patchwork quilt that embodies a selection of favored Bella Notte cottons, velvets and linens on the top side and sumptuous solid satin on the back. This endearing baby quilt is available in a number of different colors and is a best seller cherished for its country charm and elegance.

Introduce your newborn to the finer things early on, like luxury linen bedding from Bella Notte Linens. Our Allysa baby blanket is made with Bella Notte’s signature linen and is framed in a sweet and feminine ruffle while the Betty baby comforter features a vintage floral print in addition to its ruffled edge. All our linen baby blankets are washed with eco-friendly dye, which adds a layer of extra softness to each blanket.

A crib skirt can often transform a baby bedding ensemble and the Bella Notte Outlet sells a number of crib dust ruffles for you to choose from. Fabricated with Bella Notte’s fine linen that softens over time, our crib skirts feature the Betty vintage floral pattern dyed in varying shades from off-white Champagne to aqua Seaglass.

The Bella Notte Outlet offers luxurious bedding options from crib to King. All of our products are crafted with the utmost care and each have passed a quality control exam to ensure that only the finest of linens leave our Northern California production facility.