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Update your Bed Linens for Hot Summer Nights [5 Tips]

June 01, 2016

Update your Bed Linens for Hot Summer Nights [5 Tips]

Summer is approaching fast and just as you change out your wardrobe you should swap out your bed linens for the long hot summer. The following are quick and easy tips so that you can breeze through the summer in comfort.

Use Bedding Made of Natural Fibers
Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are lightweight and breathable. Avoid synthetic blends and put away the flannel sheets that trap in the heat. The fibers in the signature Bella Notte linen bedding will soften with each wash and stay cool against your skin.
linen bedding

White Linens can be Crisp and Clean
Using white bed linens is a sure way to brighten up your bed. The crisp look and feel of white sheets in the summer is hard to beat! White is the never-out-of-style base color that works with many other accents to complete the look of your ensemble.
white bed

Change your Duvet Cover
There are a few approaches to take with your Duvet Cover. If you want to keep your Duvet you can switch out the Duvet insert for something lighter weight. You could also put it away for the summer and opt for a light Coverlet or Throw Blanket in a breathable material such as linen. Lace is also a material that is light, delicate and highly breathable which is well-suited for use in the summer while keeping a decorative look.

Clean Clutter
Get rid of the bedroom clutter that may have accumulated over the winter months. Give your eye a break and create a bedroom that is light and airy.

Freshen up the Accessories
Why not introduce some seasonal accents like a beautiful vase filled with summer flowers. You could also add some throw pillows with seasonal colors or patterns like the Camille and Isla Accents shown below!
flower pattern

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