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Make your Bedroom a Sanctuary (5 Ideas)

March 02, 2016

Make your Bedroom a Sanctuary (5 Ideas)

Your bedroom should be a sleep sanctuary. Adequate sleep is a must for proper health and well being, just as proper nutrition and exercise are. Invest in yourself and family by setting up your bedroom to be a sleep sanctuary.

Your bedroom should be a cozy, comfortable retreat away from the pressures of everyday life. Create a room that is the ultimate escape that actually pampers and relaxes you. You will sleep better and feel rejuvenated by doing so.

Your mattress and bedding have a major impact on the quality of your sleep and the quantity of your sleep. Your mattress should support you properly and be comfortable, replace mattresses that are worn out or older than 7 years old. Sheets and Pillowcases come in many styles, and fabrics. Find the type that is most comfortable for you and also consider what is best in the winter versus what is best in the hotter summer months.

It would be wise to exclude TV's, Smartphones and Computers from your sleep sanctuary as their back-lit screens confuse your brain into thinking it is daytime. They also provide ample distraction from focusing on your sleep.

Consider a bedroom makeover to achieve this goal. Install window blinds or curtains to make the room darker. Upgrade your mattress or bedding to something more comfortable. Maybe the bed or other furniture should be moved to a position more conducive to sleep. Improvements to your sleep environment can be accomplished on any budget.

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