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Fabric Care for Fine Linens (Advice & Quick Tips)

August 30, 2016

Fabric Care for Fine Linens (Advice & Quick Tips)

The following is an interview with Bella Notte's Director of Sales & Marketing Michelle Koffler.

Q: How should you care for fine bed linens?
It’s important to separate your linens by color, but also make sure you aren’t combining them with towels or anything with buttons that are going to cause wear or pilling on the fabric. Also when a product has a special trim like lace or a ruffle, wash it inside out or in a garment bag to protect the detailing. Avoiding harsh detergents and using the gentle cycle with cold water will keep the fibers in your bedding strong, protect color and sheen, and allow them to last longer. We specifically recommend a delicate detergent like our Laundress, but any non-scented gentle detergent will help protect the longevity of your fine linens. Don't forget to read and follow the care instructions, but when in doubt, wash in cold water and tumble dry on low! 

Q: Should you avoid detergents with additives?
A: We urge caution with any detergent that has a stain remover additive, smells especially caustic or any detergent that has bleach, brighteners, or whiteners because it will dull the fabric color. Bella Notte's Velvets, Satins, and Laces tend to be a bit more delicate and will benefit from delicate detergents. In general being careful about what you are washing your linens with will protect both your skin as well as the lifetime of your bedding.

Q: What is the best way for sheets and bedding to be stored?
Sheets and bedding should always be stored in a cool dry place, preferably away from any direct sunlight. If that’s not available, a garment bag or storage bag can help to protect your linens. 

Q: What about care for other items like curtains?
A: We recommend that all our curtains be used with a curtain liner or window blinds. This is because our eco-friendly dyes are susceptible to fading with long exposure to direct sunlight.

Quick Tips

  • Remove any spots on bedding before placement in washer.
  • Do not mix bedding with items that have metal zippers.
  • Put water and detergent in washer before adding your bedding. This makes sure the detergent is diluted. Putting detergent directly on the fabric can cause discoloration.
  • Do not use fabric softeners, they can break down natural fibers.
  • It is better to line dry sheets and duvet covers if possible.
  • Take items out of the dryer before they are overheated, it can ruin the fabric.

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