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Bella Notte is too good for Google

October 21, 2016 1 Comment

Bella Notte is too good for Google

Recently we received an email notification from Google stating that they would be rejecting publication of our Product Reviews on Google essentially because we did not have enough negative reviews. Their default position was that instead of making great products and providing great service to attain so many positive reviews that we were gaming the system. They felt that it was not possible to have so few negative reviews without manipulation on our part. They asked us to resubmit our reviews after we had more negative reviews.

Dumbfounded, we asked them to consider the absurdity of asking for more negative reviews from our customers. After multiple pleas where we demonstrated that our reviews were not gamed, filtered, incented, or manipulated, and that they were genuine they looked into it made an exception to include our reviews.

They blamed machine-learning as a human had not been involved in the decision. Luckily we were able to get humans involved to rectify the situation. Thank you all Bella Notte customers for your continued support and good reviews. Here is our Reviews Page . Testimonials Page.

Review Examples: 

Verified One of My Favorite Things

The Loulah Body Pillow was the best purchase I've made all year! I adore the extra visual interest created by the raw fringe on the ruffle, and the Powder color is gorgeous -- a rich yet muted violet purple with a vintage feel. Overall, the look of Loulah is at once decadent, elegant, and relaxed -- just my style! And the incredible softness is best part of all. If you've never touched this fabric in person.... trust me, you will swoon! If there is a Loulah pillow available in your color scheme, do not hesitate.

Verified blissfull dreamy coverlet

Bella Notte.... perfection! how is this item at outlet.. god bless somebody! it is beautiful, perfectly constructed, rich plush material, the color is amazing! i have bought several items through the outlet and every one is perfect, no blemishes or cheaper version materials/fabrics, they are of true bella quality. this coverlet is perfect, matches with other fabrics, heavy on substance, quality, craftsmanship, size, totally worth it !


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October 25, 2016

Well that is sad & crazy at the same time. All I have to offer is that my Bella Notte linens are something I get so much pleasure from. I only have a few pieces but long to collect more. I’ve been a fan for years and am glad you offer an alternative to commercial bedding that looks soulless.

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