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Top 7 Bedding Fabrics at Bella Notte Linens Outlet

January 25, 2016

Top 7 Bedding Fabrics at Bella Notte Linens Outlet

Bedding comes in a variety of fabrics, weights, textures, and weaving methods. Here is an outline of the various quality fabrics Bella Notte uses for it's fine bedding products.

  1. Cotton: The fibers of the Cotton plant have been in cultivation for centuries. It is very versatile and provides good comfort and strength for clothing and bedding products. It is machine-washable, dry-cleanable and has good color retention. At Bella Notte we use several different high-quality weaves of cotton used in our sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, coverlets, comforters, shams, and apparel that get softer over time . Shop Cotton Products.

  2. Linen: Linen is made of flax fibers and is one of the oldest textile fibers in existence. Linen fabrics come in a great variety and is twice as strong as cotton. Linen bedding is valued for it's coolness in hot weather and is very absorbent. Our intimate and unique production process require each piece of linen to meet our rigorous quality control standards before being released. Bella Notte linens are all wide cut so there are no invasive seams in any of our bed linens such as Duvet Covers. Each piece of linen is dyed with low-impact materials from one of the many shades in Bella Notte’s refined palette of colors. Bella Notte’s signature linen is soft from the time you receive it as a result of our dye process which utilizes a hot dye cycle that helps relax the short fibers. Our linen will continue to get softer over time with each and every wash. It is machine-washable or dry-cleanable. Bella Notte is proud to offer linen in sheets, pillowcases, shams, throw pillows, blankets, and duvet covers. Shop Linen Products.

  3. Silk: Silk filaments are from the cocoons woven by silkworms and has been cultivated for many centuries. Silk is noted for it's resilience, elasticity, strength, smoothness, soft texture and it's pleasing lustrous appearance. Silk is comfortable to wear in warm weather and while active. China produces the largest portion of commercial silks where we source only the highest grades of silk and rayon to withstand our unique dye process. Silk accepts dye deeply and results in brilliant jewel-toned colors. Many consider silk bedding to be the pinnacle of quality and comfort. Silk shines in collections like Silk Velvet Embroidered, Silk Velvet Quilted, Loulah, and more which you will find in many of our comforters, blankets, throw pillows, and bags. Shop Silk Products.

  4. Velvet: A woven tufted fabric with short closely woven cut pile that gives the fabric a rich soft texture. It may be embossed or patterned by the burn-out method. Velvet is produced in a wide variety such as; Crushed Velvet, Chiffon Velvet, to our classic Cotton Velvet and many others. Velvet is soft and plush to the touch and is dry-cleanable. We use only the highest quality velvet's in production of collections like Hendrix, Quilted Velvet, Velvet with Satin Ruffle, which you'll find in our coverlets, throw pillows, blankets, backpacks, and shams. Shop Velvet Products.
  5. Silk Velvet: Silk Velvet is a mixture of 18% Silk and 82% Rayon. Rayon was originally known as 'artificial silk' and is characterized by high absorbency, bright luster, a pleasing feel, and the ability to be dyed in bright colors. The mix gives you a fabric that is soft, smooth, plush to the feel, with bright colors. Our Silk Velvet is the highest quality and we use it in our blankets, shams, throw pillows, bags, and placemats.  Shop Silk Velvet Products.
  6. Satin: A smooth lustrous fabric with a thick close texture made of silk or other filaments woven into a satin weave. The satin weave may be combined in a number of ways with contrasting designs most notably in Jacquard fabrics. Satin is often used as the backing for rich heavy fabrics such as velvets. It is also used frequently in clothing, and in bed sheets. Bella Notte uses the highest quality satin on our comforters, coverlets, blankets, shams, robes, and placemats. Shop Satin Products.
  7. Tencel: The process to produce the fibers for Tencel is considered more eco-friendly than the production of Rayon. It is super soft and breathable and has the tendency to wick away moisture. It has a medium luster, is smooth to the touch, and is a very comfortable fabric. Tencel is soft, absorbent, very strong when wet or dry, and resistant to wrinkles. Bella Notte uses high quality Tencel for sheets and pillowcases. Shop Tencel Products.

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