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4 Tips to Create a Ultra Stylish Layered Bed

May 18, 2016

4 Tips to Create a Ultra Stylish Layered Bed

Do you change your bedding to mix it up, change the mood, or to address the changing weather? It is desirable to create a space in which you feel comfortable but that is also stylish and fun. Layering and mixing and matching is a good technique to quickly change the landscape and style of your bed.

Mix Your Bedding
Don't be afraid to mix different fabrics or styles together. A color theme can be the binder that holds together different fabrics or patterns. Often times the contrast can be visually elegant. Ruffled edges can also be a theme that ties together different fabrics.

Don't Forget the Headboard
The headboard is often the backbone of any bedding ensemble, but you don't have to keep it the same all the time. Incorporate a contrasting blanket layered on top or use some spare fabric to creatively drape over it. If you don't have a headboard, no problem, think about using a wall hanging or artwork above your bed that works with the color theme of you bed.

In the picture : Mirabella Queen Duvet Cover in Heirloom Rose,
Mirabella Deluxe Shams in Heirloom Rose, Loulah Euro Shams in Heirloom Rose, Olivia Standard Pillowcase in Heirloom Rose over Satin Standard Pillowcase in White, Olivia Queen Coverlet in White, Linen Whisper Queen Dust Ruffle in Heirloom Rose, Olivia Bolster in White over Linen Bolster in Heirloom Rose, Valentina Standard Shams in White, Valentina Kidney Pillow in Heirloom Rose.


Use Texture Creatively
Texture can be another way to layer and mix and match. If you are using a neutral layered bed3color theme the contrast between fabric textures can be stunning. Pieces with raised embroidery are another way to introduce a lovely contrasting texture. You can also use a Throw Blanket at the foot of your bed that is a different texture than your Comforter or Duvet Cover.

Use Shams and Pillows
Pillows, Shams, and Accent Pillows are the 'decorative flourish' that finishes off your layered bed. Using pillows of different sizes, colors and textures can bring together the whole look. Use pillows appropriately sized to your bed as pillows that are too large or too small may not look right. Pillows can be a bright contrasting color that accentuates the base duvet cover color. They can also pick up on other colors in the room such as rugs or window coverings.

In the picture : Mirabella Euro Shams in Perfect Peach, Valentina Standard Sham in Powder, Mirabella Euro Sham in Powder, Camille 22x22 Throw Pillows in Warm, Valentina Kidney Pillow in Powder, Pennelope Queen Duvet Cover in Sand, Valentina Queen Dust Ruffle in Powder over Linen Queen Dust Ruffle in Perfect Peach, Mirabella Personal Comforter in Powder.

Lastly, have fun with it, and see what you can create.

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