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12 Top Tips for a Better Nights Sleep

February 24, 2016

12 Top Tips for a Better Nights Sleep

Lack of sleep is causing something of a national epidemic. Many feel that sleep deprivation impacts their daily lives and wish that they could get more sleep. These tips below can help you achieve better sleep and feel well rested.

  1. Sleep should be a priority. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule and wake-up schedule whenever possible, even on weekends. Your body will become accustomed to a consistent schedule.
  2. Create a bedtime routine. Devise a routine that relaxes you and ease you into sleep time. You can read a book, listen to calming music, or take a relaxing bath. Sleep Apps can also assist.
  3. Set up a sleep sanctuary. Make sure your bedroom is conducive to sleep. It should be dark, quiet, and cool. Consider changes if any of these conditions need improvement.
  4. Evaluate your bedding. Is your mattress still providing adequate support? Tossing and turning may be a symptom that it needs replaced. Is your mattress big enough for you and your partner? Is your pillow worn out or old? Replacing it may help improve sleep. Are your sheets and blankets comfortable? There are a lot of fabric options for sheets and bedding that offer seasonal comfort and improved feel and durability. 
  5. Reduce screen time. The back-lighting of Smart phones, TV's, and Computers of all sizes can interfere with sleep chemicals in the brain. Keep them out of your bedroom if you can, or stop using them way before bedtime.
  6. Don't work in your bedroom. Work can bring stress to your sleep environment, so keep it out.
  7. Exercise before bedtime. Exercising within two hours of your bedtime can impede sleep. Exercise earlier to insure better sleep.
  8. Watch out for caffeine. Caffeine comes in many products we use daily such as coffee, tea, and soda and can remain in your system for a long time. Consider using water or other caffeine free options starting in the afternoon.
  9. Drink alcohol earlier. It is wise to drink alcohol early enough that your body can digest it before bedtime, where it can disrupt sleep.
  10. Take short naps. Naps of 20 to 30 minutes can improve alertness and be restorative without disturbing your sleep at night.
  11. No snacking. You should stop eating 2 to 3 hours before you go to sleep.
  12. Use an alarm clock. It can be tempting to use the alarm on your smartphone, but this can also add distraction and annoying notifications in the middle of the night.

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