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11 Bedding Components Defined

February 09, 2016

11 Bedding Components Defined

Are you familiar with all the components that go into making a beautiful and functional bedding ensemble? This post was created to assist you in creating your perfect bed.

Mattress Pads
Mattress pads help protect your mattress, provide a layer of extra comfort, and extend the life of your mattress. There are many styles and types to choose from.

Sheets are the basic first layer on top of your mattress and is the fabric in most contact with your skin. Fabrics for sheets range from cotton, sateen, linen, and tencel in a variety of weaves and thread counts. The season comes into play when selecting sheets, you may want warmer sheets in the winter, and lighter breathable sheets in the summer.

Bella Notte Outlet's
sheet sets are comprised of a deep-pocket bottom sheet and a top sheet along with two pillowcases to make up the perfect bed for sumptuous sleep. Our best selling Bella sateen sheet sets are crafted from 100% cotton and have a 600 thread count which provides plenty of room for air to circulate so your body will remain cool during the muggiest of evenings. Buttery and elegant, Bella sateen sheets reflect a slight sheen that is both aesthetically pleasing and comforting.

Linen is a natural fiber and breathes like no other fabric. In addition to being super light, it has a natural ability to wick away dew from your body thus providing a cooling effect in the summer. Bella Notte's signature
linen bedding gets softer with each and every wash.

Pillowcases not only cover and protect your pillow they provide comfort, and style. Luxury Pillowcases
from the Bella Notte Outlet come in an assortment of styles, textures, sizes, and pleasing patterns  that are certain to accommodate any bedroom design.
Satin pillowcases, an outlet favorite, are great for the skin and hair , as they do not absorb moisture from your skin and hair like cotton does. Linen pillowcases are soft and breathable and a good choice for the summer months.

Coverlets and Bedspreads
Coverlets provide a top layer of warmth and can provide a lovely finishing touch to your bed. Bella Notte makes coverlets with sumptuous crushed velvet, lovely linen, and more.

Throw Blankets
Throw blankets are versatile and can be used as a bedding accent, or a cuddly blanket wherever you need it. Bella Notte uses striking fabrics such as faux fur, quilted velvet, and a floral jacquard pattern all in pleasing colors.

Comforters offer a more plush/upscale option for a bedding top layer. They come in a variety of fabric and pattern options and can create instant appeal for your bedding ensemble. Bella Notte offers Personal Comforters in the pleasing pattern of Paisley Jacquard, and the best selling Gwen Personal Comforter.

Duvet Covers
The term Duvet originated from the French word “down” which is what many duvets are stuffed with; but duvet fills can actually be composed of a variety of materials including feather, wool, cotton or a blend. A duvet cover is sheathed over the insert not only to protect it but also to add some personality to this luxury bed cover.

At Bella Notte, our luxury bedding is made with premium grade fabric of only the highest quality. Each of our unique duvet covers feature a button closure made with all natural, slightly-curved akoya shells, each slightly different from one another. The button closure is conveniently located along the bottom of the bed cover where it is sequestered from view.

From king size linen duvet covers to twin size bamboo cotton duvet covers, the Bella Notte Outlet has a diverse selection of bedding for you to choose from.

Decorative Pillows
Decorative pillows are an essential contributor to any sophisticated bedding collection. The Bella Notte Outlet provides a vast selection of throw pillows with unique sizes, designs and fabrications. From boudoir pillows to body pillows, at the Bella Notte Outlet, there is truly something for everyone. All decorative pillows include a cushy pillow insert filled with a duck feather down blend.

Something as subtle as a 12” x 16” boudoir pillow can add just the right dynamic to complete your luxury bedding ensemble, giving it that “cherry on top” effect. At Bella Notte, we have an extensive collection of boudoirs fabricated with varying materials—some have flap closures, while others have button closures or ties; some feature ruffles while others feature flange edging or piping.   All of our throw pillows are dyed to reflect one of the many shades in Bella Notte's extensive palette of colors.

Pillow Shams
An alternative to standard pillowcases, a pillow sham offers a more decorative option to luxury bedding. While pillowcases have a side opening to insert the pillow, shams possess a more uniform design with an actual rear closure that secures the pillow insert. All Bella Notte decorative pillow shams feature either a button or flap closure located in the back. Our button closures are made with slightly curved akoya shells each unique with its own personality.

From fine linen to silk velvet, our decorative shams feature a diverse range of fabrications with various embellishments. Some possess satin piping while others feature a ruffled edge, and each has its own unique personality and appeal. Like with all Bella Notte bedding, we only use premium quality fabric, each dyed to perfection with one of the colors in Bella Notte’s extensive color palette.

Bed Skirts
Bed skirts were originally invented for the purpose of blocking drafts and camouflaging box springs. Shortly after their origination, it was discovered that bed skirts actually deflect dust particles thus keeping the space underneath beds free of lint, dirt and other debris. It was after this discovery that bed skirts adapted the name dust ruffles. Today, bed skirts are an essential staple in any high-end luxury bedding ensemble.

The Bella Notte Outlet offers a multitude of dust ruffles for you to choose from crafted from a variety of different fabrics in an assortment of designs and patterns. In choosing the right bed skirt for your bedroom, first determine the type of bed skirt that’s right for you. At the Bella Notte Outlet, all our panel-designed dust ruffles are decking free so make sure to include bed skirt pins with your purchase. With Bella Notte's no-decking bed skirts, you don’t have to lift the whole mattress up to put it on or take it off. By using panels you can take off one at a time making it easier to wash and add back to the bed without fuss. The ability to move panels individually allows one to get a better fit for a range of platforms and bed frames. Plus, the panels allow for easy length adjustments. Simply slide the panel further under the mattress to shorten.

Bed Pillows
Bed Pillows provide comfort and support whether you are a side-sleeper, back-sleeper or a stomach-sleeper. Bella Notte uses pillow inserts made from the highest quality pillows filled with 95% Duck Feather and 5% Duck Down and covered in 100% cotton. Our Pillow Inserts  for throw pillows from Bella Notte are manufactured with a premium White Goose Down fill.

Our vast selection of bedding components enables you to create a fashionable and comfortable bed for most any budget. All of our bedding comes in the standard sizes of twin, full, queen, king(aka eastern king), and california king. We also have a nice selection of baby bedding with sheets, bumpers, blankets, dust ruffles, and comforters. See our blog post “Top 7 Bedding Fabrics at Bella Notte Linens Outlet” for more information on each fabric mentioned above.

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