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10 Clues that you need a Bedroom Makover

September 08, 2016

10 Clues that you need a Bedroom Makover

1. Your Bedding Linens are not visually cohesive. Your collection of bedding may have been assembled over many years, relationships, and shifting budgets. Things may not match, be of varying quality, and may be just worn out. Take stock of where you can add, and where you can subtract. Adding a few new bedding pieces such as a comforter, throw blanket, or throw pillows may be all that it takes to bring together a new complete look.

2. You don't have a Headboard. You can definitely survive without one, but a well-designed headboard made with high quality fabric or wood can definitely set the tone in your bedroom. Plus they help protect the wall from wear and damage.

3. You don't have Bedside Tables. Stacking things on the floor just doesn't cut it. You need room for your stuff such as a clock, lamp, books,and tissues, etc.

4. Your accessories are lacking. That alarm clock left over from college probably is not as tasteful as you would like, and that lamp from your last house may not match your new bedside table. You could also spruce things up with some new plants or vases.

5. You lack Curtains or window treatments. Curtains can instantly give your bedroom a more finished and cohesive look, plus you can gain some privacy and light control. The fabric and color of your curtains can even be coordinated with your bedding. 

Linen Whisper Curtain Panel with Self Ruffle and Tabs in GINGER - Bella Notte

6. No Art on the walls. Wall art is an important visual element which can add to any bedroom design. Bare walls are boring, why not put up some visually appealing art that complements your decor.

7. You have bad lighting. That one overhead light the builder installed in your bedroom, is probably inadequate and ugly. Good lighting is essential for the enjoyment of your bedroom. If you are like me, you read in bed, watch TV in bed, and romance your partner in bed. Each has different lighting needs, so task lighting is important for reading, and dimmable lighting is good for setting the mood. Good general lighting can also be provided by lighting that is integrated into ceiling fans.

8. You have bare floors. When walking barefoot in your bedroom it is usually nice to have a little cushion underneath your feet. Area rugs can add cushion and visual appeal to any room. Consider adding some rugs into your bedroom design.

9. Your bedroom furniture clashes. Just like your bedding, your bedroom furniture may have been assembled over many years, apartments, and houses. Your dresser may not match your side tables, chairs, or your headboard. Consider what can be added, subtracted or moved to a different room. Sometimes painting everything in the same color can be very unifying.

10. Your walls need color. Some people love an all white bedroom with white walls, furniture, and bedding. Others crave color or may just be tired of their white walls. Adding color to your walls is a quick way to transform the whole feel of your room.

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